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A Dictionary of New Age Terminology


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Aquarian Age—Based on  Astronomical Age Cycles, we are now nearing the end of the Age of Pisces. Evolution goes through cycles corresponding to the signs of the Zodiac, each lasting 2,160 years.( The Precession of the Equinoxes are calculated at 72 years per degree and hence a Zodiac Sign is 30 degrees and an Age Cycle is 72*30 = 2160 years) . Now the Vernal Equinoctial Point is preceding through Pisces and hence is called the Piscean Age. The V E P will be retrograding through Aquarius and this will be the Aquarian Age, which will be characterised by a heightened degree of spiritual or Cosmic Consciousness.

Agent—A person sending a telepathic message  to another entity. Telepathy is the art of conversing mentally.

Akashic Record—Indestructible records of every person’s every word, thought,

or deed inscribed in the spiritual realms

Alpha—The physical body.

Alchemy - The scientific process by which base metals are transmuted into gold.  Divine Alchemy is the process by which base metals ( human beings ) are transmuted into gold ( divine nature ) 

Alkaline Diet - Diet to neutrallise acidity. The body’s ratio is 80% alkalinity and 20% acidity. Alkaline diet generally refers to fruits and vegetables.  Naturopathy recommends a 100 gms fruits and 320 gms vegetables daily diet.  Animism—Anima means Soul and Animism is the conviction that inanimate things (such as plants) possess a soul or spirit.

Anthroposophy—Literally “ Wisdom of Man” , attributed to the German mystic Rudolf Steiner. It instructs that Truth is in every human being, even though hidden or often latent. . 

Ascended Masters—Refers to those who have reached the highest level of Cosmic Consciousness & have become guides of the spiritual evolution of mankind.

Ascension of Christ—Referred normally as the Ascension, it indicates the principle that man is divine and symbolises the rise of the Divine Consciousness in mankind, which is occurring now on a grand scale. .

Astral—Astra means star and astral body is the etheric body which survives dealth. The Astral body is connected to the physical body by a Silver Cord, an extended umbilical cord. The Astral Universe is the subtle physical universe, most proximate to the physical universe. )

Astral Body—The etheric body capable of projection from the physical body and which survives death.

Astral Flight—Flight of the Astral body from the physical body during trance, sleep or meditation.

Attunement—It is actually At- One- Ment , union with the Divine. One attains a spiritual consciousness of Being through Meditation referred to variously as Unity Consciousness, Nirvana, Prajna, Samadhi, etc. Various Consciousness techniques are used to cause this Union: Meditation; Guided imagery; Yoga;

Hypnosis; Chanting of a Mantra; Ecstatic Dancing; Channeling of spirit guides;

New Age music; and Positive Thinking or Alpha Mind techniques.

Aura—The Human Electro Magnetic Field - Radiated glow or halo surrounding living beings which can be photographed by Kirlian Photography.

Avatar—A manifestation of Divinity, of the Absolute and who initiates man into divine principles. Such a one has  progressed beyond the need to be reincarnated in another body as  there is no further bad karma to work off.

Bhagavad Gita—The Science of the Absolute, the Upanishad sung by the Lord and the scripture on Yoga.

Biofeedback—A technique in which brain waves are monitored to bring normally unconscious, involuntary bodily functions under conscious, voluntary control.  Biofeedback can generate altered states of Consciousness.  Blood of Christ—The Life Energy of the Cosmic Christ, this blood flowed from the Cross into the spiritual realms from where the Christ intends to effect the spiritual evolution of mankind. 

Bodhisattva—A being having attained Self Actualisation, voluntarily turns back from that state in order to aid humanity in evolving to Godhead.

Brahman - The Absolute, the Infinite. Not an Absolute which is  non-relative but an Absolute which takes all relativity in its embrace.  Brahma Jnana - Supreme Knowledge, a confluence of Relative, Absolute & Transcendental Knowledge. 

Buddha—Literally The Awakened One, he who has risen from the normal three relative states of Consciousness to the Fourth - Transcendental Consciousness and the Fifth - Cosmic Consciousness.

ChakrasThe seven Energy points on the body. Tantra is the discipline which desribes the Seven Dynamoes of Cosmic Energy in the body. The Root Chakra is at tha base of the spine and the Crown Chakra is on top of the skull. Yoga and Meditation  are practised through these invisible energy centers and the Kundalini, the coiled feminine serpentine energy, rises to the Crown Chakra and man attains Unity Consciousness. 

(  1. The Root Chakra - Containing the Earth Principle - Muladhara

2. The Navel Chakra - Containing the Water Principle _ Manipura

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra - Containing the Fire Principle - Swadhishtana

4. The Heart Chakra - Containing the Air Principle - Anahata

5. The Throat Chakra - Containing the Ether Principle - Vishuddha

6. The Eyebrow Chakra - Containing the Mind Principle - Ajna

7. The Crown Chakra - The Thousand Petalled Lotus - Sahasrara  ) 

Chaos Theory - A mathematical theory advanced by Mendelbrot, which sees order in chaos.

Channeling—A New Age term for mediumship or spiritism. With the intention of receiving supranormal information, the channeled yields control of his/her perceptual and cognitive capacities to a spiritual entity  Clairaudience --  Psychic ability to hear mentally without using the ears.

Clairvoyance—Psychic ability to see mentally without using the eyes, beyond ordinary time and space limits; also called “Second Sight.”

Consciousness Revolution—New Age exponents call for a Consciousness Revolution or a spiritual revolution with Life in rhythm with Natural Law. The primary focus of this Unitive Consciousness is  oneness with the Divine, with Nature, all mankind, the earth, and with the entire Universe.

Control—The Spirit that sends messages through a medium in trance.

Cosmic Christ—In Gnosticism and other mystic schools of thought, the Christ is considered to be a Universal Spirit or a Cosmic Force, guiding  the spiritual evolution of mankind to the ultimate summit of Unity Consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness—Literally meaning Universal Consciousness. Becoming one with the Universal Self or Cosmic Mind. .

Cosmic Humanism—Cosmic Humanism views man as having unlimited mental potential due to his innate divinity which can make him rise to the level of the Divine. Quite antithetical to normative humanism which views Man as the measure of all things (  that human conscience is the final Judge ).  .  CrystalsPossessing  healing powers, crystals are recommended by New Age exponents for the restoration of Universal LIfe Energy in the human body.  Deja Vu—French for reliving again after another incarnation. The doctrine of Metempsychosis or Transmigration of souls is related to this French expression.  The feeling that “ I have experienced this event before “ when we encounter an event for the first time. 

Discarnate—The soul of a living creature who has died, travelling in the astral realms. .

Downward Pull of the Mind. The mind is pulled towards Subsconscient, viz, the Subconscious Mind. Downward pull happening in the collective mind. Socrates is poisoned. Rimbaud flees to the Abyssinian desert. 

Dowser—A sensitive who uses dowsing rods that points to hidden water, oil, buried money, lost articles, or people. Spiritual dowsing is one of the legal domains of study and research in Russia.

Earth Logos—The Spiritual Being who is the ensouling Life of our Planet Earth and this system of philosophy is called Animism. This mighty Being manifests as earth physically. 

Energisation - Removing negative energy and imparting Positive Energy. In Geo Biology, there are machines which effectuate this energisation like the Geopathic Stress Reverser.  

Eros - Life Instinct, the opposite of Thanatos, the Death Instinct.   Esoteric—The opposite of Exoteric. Meaning the inner.  The mystical. The inner meaning of different mystic schools of thought as opposed to the outer intrepretations of different religions. The outer, exoteric interpretations are often dualistic - that Man and God are different. Esoteric meaning is that the Divine is resident in man,  referred to as the Kingdom of Heaven, Self and the Divine Spark. .  

Esoteric Christianity—A mystical form of Christianity that sees its core truth as identical to the core truth of every other religion (i.e., man is divine). This form of Christianity is same as Aldous Huxley’s Perennial Philosophy. 

ESP—Extrasensory perception encompassing paranormal abilities such as foreknowledge, & sychic abilities like telepathy, precognition, retrocognition, clairaudience & clairvoyance.

ESP Cards—A pack of twenty-five cards bearing five symbols, including stars, squares, circles, crosses, and waves.

Exoteric Christianity—Theology , a form of Christianity, identified with historic or orthodox Christianity that New Agers  describe as being devoid of all spiritual authenticity.

Fall of Man—Refers to the Fall of Man’s Consciousness, which recognizes the existence of only the material realm. The Christ is believed to have redeemed man in the sense that He enabled man to perceive the Spiritual Reality behind the material world, the Noumena behind the phenomena. .  Free Masonry - A Western mystical school; builders in the Spirit. A royal science and a noble art. It originated from the Vedists of the East and was greatly influenced by Pythagorus. Free Masonry intends to generate perfect Initiates.

Gaia -- ( Greek - Gaia -  Goddess of the earth).  The Gaia Hypothesis was a scientific hypothesis formulated by James Lovelock whereby all living matter on the earth is a single living organism. Humanity is considered the nervous system of the living earth in such a system. .

Geobiology - The biology of the Earth; the theory that certain points of the earth have positive energy as well as negative energy.  Geopathic Stress - Negative energy of the earth which causes cancer and other ailments. 

Geopathic Zone  - A place full of Negative Energy.  Globalism --  The doctrine that the world is a celestial family.with all as brothers and sisters  and a New Age term referring to the need for a transformation of the world  from the present nation state divisions into a global community.

Gnosticism—A mystical tradition going back to the second century which averrs that salvation comes through intuitive Gnosis ( experiential knowledge of the Self ) or knowledge of one’s innate divinity.

God—Universal Energy.  The sum total energy in the Universe is an absolute constant and cannot be created or destroyed. The triune aspects of Being - Immanence, Transcendence and Cosmicity are symbolised by  the Trinity, Son ( Tat ), Father ( Sat ) & the Holy Ghost ( Om ). 

God Consciousness - A glorified state of Cosmic Consciousness that sees the finest Relative in everything, the 6th state of Consciousness in Transcendental Philosophy. . 

Gemology - The science of gems; often Astro Gemology, the science of gems as related to Astrology. 

Graphology—The science and the analysis of handwriting. Character analysis and foretelling based on handwriting.

Great Invocation—A classic New Age prayer, invoking the Cosmic Christ on earth, whose presence will usher in an era of Unity Consciousness and Universal brotherhood. This prayer has been translated into over 80 languages.  Group Guru—With Mass Incarnations of the Cosmic Christ happening on a planetary scale, this New Age terms refers to the same idea that the Cosmic Christ is incarnate in all of humanity and all mankind is a single Guru.  Guru—He who destroys the darkness of Ignorance. Gu in  Sanskrit means Darkness and Ru menas the destroyer. The term means one who is enlightened and a bona fide Master.

Harmonic Convergence—The assembly of New Age meditators gathered at the same propitious astrological time in different locations to usher in  World Peace and One-World government.

Holism—The doctrine which teaches the interrelatedness and interdependence of everything. The principle that All Reality is organically One, the basis of Hinduism and Buddhism, now taught in all colleges and universities in America that followed Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.  

Holistic Health—Holistic health  gives priority to the Whole body and not the parts. The body as an inter-related organism. Following the doctrine that the Whole is more important than the parts, its goal is to treat the whole person (Body, Mind, and Self ) as opposed to merely treating a particular sickness. ( vide Sir William Osler “ The patient who has the disease is more important than the disease of the patient “ ). Plato averred that the treatment of the parts should not be attempted without treatment of the entire body. Psycho-physical medicine in direct contrast to physical medicine. 

Hologram—Basically a three-dimensional projection resulting from the interaction of laser beams, its image can be reproduced from any one of its many component parts. According to New Age Philosophy, the entire Universe is one Divine Hologram and the Hologram is used to illustrate the oneness of all reality.

Homeopathy—A system of medicine  based on the principle of “ Similia Similibus Curanter “ ( Like cures like ) & developed by Samuel Hahnemann.  Human Potential Movement—Man uses only 5% of his mental potential and 100% mental potential can be unfolded by psychotechnologies. A movement with roots in humanistic psychology that stresses man’s essential goodness and the ability of the mind to achieve 100% potential.

I ChingA mysterious Chinese book, which shows the art of divination, This book is used heavily in Red China. 

Inconscient - The Unconscious Mind. According to Freud, the most powerful element of the Mind. 

Initiation—This term is generally used in reference to the expansion or transformation of a person’s consciousness. Derived from the Latin “ In ire “ to go within. An Initiate is one whose consciousness has been transformed so that he now perceives the Inner Essence, the noumena behind the phenomena.  Inner Self or Higher Self—Often referred to as the Overself, it refers to the inner divine nature possessed by human beings. All people possess an inner Self, though man lives in ignorance of it. Conscience is Vox Dei,  the voice of this inner Self. 

Integralism - The philosophy which integrates both Matter and Spirit.  Dialectical Integralism, propounded by the philosopher Aurobindo, which unifies Matter and Spirit as the obverse and the reverse of same coin of Being, and emphasises the omnipotence of the Mind-Overmind-Supermind Axis.  Integrator - He who integrates all religions; all philsophies; all civilizations; as they come from One Universal Source.

Interdependence or Interconnectedness—The Universe is the Whole and we are puny parts of that great Whole and all parts of the Universe are interrelated, interdependant and interconnected.  New Age terms used to illustrate the oneness and essential unity of everything in the universe. 

Intelligence - Invisible Nature. Nature is visible Intelligence. Intelligence is invisible Nature. 

Intuition - The Eye of Wisdom, the Third Eye. 

Intuitive Reason - There are four faculties of the Intuitive Reason - Revealation ( Ila ), Inspiration ( Saraswathi ), Intuition ( Sarama ) & Illumination. 

Jesus—An Avatar who attained a high level of attunement to the Cosmic Christ.  This enabled him to become a bodily vehicle for the Christ and declare “ I am divine, the Universal expresses through Me “. 

Kabala (Cabbala, Qaballah) -- Hebrew mystical lore, rich with mystical experiences of the followers of the Esoteric Kabala.  Karma—Literally meaning Action.  The Universal Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Action & Reaction, the Law of Retributioin is this Grand Law of Causation. Same as “ What ye sow, ye shall reap”  of the Bible.

Kirlian Photography—Invented by the Russian electronic engineer, Seymond

Kirlian, a photographic process that measures living auras

Kundalini—The elemental serpentine energy of the human body which lies coiled at the base of the spine. Often called as the Serpent Power ( “ The Serpent Power “ by Sir John Woodroffe ) in Tantra & Yoga and as the Golden Serpent in Reiki.

Levitation—Levity was the term coined by the German poet Goethe. The opposite of gravitation. While Newton thought how the apple fell, Goethe thought how the apple got up there.

Macrocosm - The Whole; the Universe

Magic Circle Ring—A psychic protective ring, drawn by occultists to protect them from other psychic attacks. 

Mantra—A word or phrase that is to be chanted repetitively in an effort to empty the mind and attain Cosmic Consciousness.

Mass Incarnation—An incarnation of the Cosmic Force in all of humanity. New Age exponents say that this incarnation is presently taking place on a massive planetary scale ( referred to as the Ascension ), like the incarnation of the Cosmic Christ in the body of Jesus 2,000 years ago.

Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Scale - The  Transpersonal Psychology of Maslow lists a hierarchy of human needs. The basic needs are physiological ( food, clothing and shelter ). Next comes  the Security Need which is Money. Next comes  Social & .Esteem needs.   The final Need is Self Actualisation, the Knowledge and Realisation of the Self.  

Medium—A psychically sensitive being whose body-mind-intellect-complex is used as a vehicle for communicating with etheric bodies.

Metaphysics—The science of the Self. Beyond Physics. Metaphysics was the study of  Time, Space & Causality, the nature of the Universe and  Cosmology.  Microcosm - Man. “ Little man’s world “. Man as microcosm, wherein he copies the structure of the great Universe. 

Mind - A steady stream of thoughts. In Freud Mind is omnipotent and is a clumsy interlude between Nature’s vast and precise subconscient action and the vaster and infallible superconscient action of the Godhead.  Monism—The mystic tie which connects not only all men into brotherhood but the elements of the Universe into Unity. Reality as a Unified Whole. The Unified Field is the only Reality ( Einstein ). That Unified Field is the Brahman of the Indians and the Tao of the Chinese ( Fritjof Capra ). Everything in the universe is made of the same Universal Substance ( Universal Matter, Universal Energy or Universal Being.). The Same, the Same, friend and foe are of the same Stuff ( Emerson ). 

Naturopathy - The prophylactic aspect of Ayurveda, Vedic Holistic Medicine.  Nature as the Doctor. The Elemental Five are the Five Doctors. Medicus Curata Natura Sanat” - The physician treats but it is Nature that heals.  Negative Energy - GeoBiology ( a combination of Geology and Biology ) points out that some areas of  the Earth are infested with Negative Energy. 

New Age Movement—An Organization of people, advanced in consciousness and

committed to Universal Love, who are convinced the world has entered the

Aquarian Age when World Government and World Peace will rule. Among them may be

found environmentalists, nuclear-freeze proponents, Marxist-socialist theoreticians, mind-control advocates & bona fide spiritual  Masters. .

Nirvana—Liberation from earthly sorrows; Universal Consciousness.  Numerology—The science & analysis of hidden or the vibrational nature of numbers, based on the Pythagorean Law of Vibration.The mystery of the Universe was intercomprehensible to Pythagorus in the notion of the Number. 

Om—A word symbolizing Brahman,  the Absoulte Self. The three letters A U M representing the 3 relative states of Consciousness, waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep and the last note, the transcendental state.

One WorldersThose who believe that World Government is the global solution.  Those who suggest the abolition of nations, working to hand over power to a single-world government which has the knowledge and expertise to create an ideal society.

Out-of-Body Experience—Referring to the experience when the astral body gets out of the physical during sleep or temporary death.  Overmind - A higher principle than Mind. The Vijnana of the Upanishads. The Rig Veda defines it as an ocean of stable lightnings or an Eye Extended in Heaven. 

Pantheism—The doctine of the Immanence of the Divine, the principle that identifies the Divine  with the Universe, every particle, tree, table, animal, and person being part of Him. If Being is omnipresent, where is It ? The Universe is He in  manifestation. Everything is He.

Paradigm Shift—Refers to a shift in world perspectives. The New Paradigm  (new model or form) is  Monistic ( All is Unity ), Pantheistic ( All is Divine Substance ) & Holistic ( The Whole is divinley Real ).  Paranormal—Above the normal. Beyond or above normal human powers or senses.

Parapsychology—The art of Biopsychical research.dealing with the energetic and developmental possibilities of living organisms. Using scientific methods, paranormal phenomena is researched.

Percipient—The receipient; the person who receives telepathic messages.

Perennial Philosophy—Philosophia Perennis.  Coined by  Aldous Huxley  that sees all spiritual truth or experience as one and the same. This philosophy proposes that even though the externals of the various religions may differ, the essence or core truth is the same in each.

Phase Transition - A term of Quantum Physics implying transition from Entropy ( Disorder ) to order. 

Physiognomy - The Wisdom of the Face. The art of character analysis based on the face. 

Precession of the Equinoxes - The Vernal Equinoctial Point retrogrades thorough the Signs of the Zodiac. The precession is 72 years per degree. A Precessional Cycle, therefore, is 360 degrees * 72 years = 25920 years.

Plan, The—A phrase occurring often in the writings of the foundational apostle of the N A M, Alice Bailey, referring to certain  preparations in the world for a New Age Movement and a New Age Redeemer. These preparations are carried out by the Masters of the Hierarchy, a group of perfected  beings who guide the spiritual evolution of people on earth. 

Planetary Citizens—Divine Integrators. A New Age group ready to integrate all and create a Universal Consciousness  Planetization—Integrating the whole planet ( the earth ) into a unified whole. The global solution advocated by New Age philosophers. Bringing all under the umbrella of Universal Brotherhood and Universal Friendship.  Poltergeist—German word for a noisy, mischievous, destructive spirit (a demon).

Positive Energy - GeoBiology ( a combination of Geology and Biology ) points out that some areas of  the Earth are infested with Positive  Energy.  Prana - Universal Life Energy ; same as Chi in Chinese, Pneuma in Greek and Qi in Japanese.

Prajnana - Experiential Knowledge of the Self, same as Gnosis of the Greeks.

Precognition—Advance knowledge of future events.based on Intuition.

PSI—Term used in place of psychic or paraphysical; ESP.

Psychic Birth—The Second Birth or Birth in Spirit.  A quickening of Cosmic Consciousness and power. This new consciousness is one that recognizes oneness with the Divine and the universe.

Psychic Energy—Universal Life Energy which has healing properties and which is heavily used in Reiki and Pranic Therapy. . 

Psychic Healer—A person who cures mental or physical illness from the Universal Life Energy emanating through the healer’s hands. ( used in Pranic Therapy ).

Psychotechnologies—Refers to the various approaches or systems aimed at deliberately altering one’s consciousness.

Quantum Medicine - Holistic Medicine ( vide “ Quantum Healing ‘ by Dr Deepak Chopra ). The Medicine which treats not only the parts but the entire body.  Reincarnation—The soul, the immortal spark of the Divine, undergoes a cyclical evolution and passes over from one body to another & the process continues till it achieves Self_Actualisation or Final Emancipation when it merges with the Infinite.

Retrocognition—Cognition of the past events learned via Intuition or psychic vision.

Right Brain Learning—Right Brain is Synthetic and Left Brain is Analytic.The right hemisphere of the brain is the center of intuitive and creative thought & the left is rational and scientific.  New Agers have rightly pointed that this system of   Right Brain Learning Techniques should be brought into the curriculum. These techniques include Meditation, Yoga, and Guided imagery.

Rolfing --  A therapeutic system, by which,  energy blockages in the body are removed by the application of  deep pressure or massage.  Séance—A group of people who seeks communication with the dead, often relatives or dear ones or famous figures via a medium.  Second Coming of Christ --  Related to the New Age concept of the Mass Incarnation. The Second Coming is now occurring in the hearts and minds of people all over the earth as Divine  Consciousness. Also known as Ascension. 

Self Actualisation - Actualisation of the Absolute Self; same as Unity Consciousness. 

Self-Realization—Realization of the Absolute Self, which is the only Reality.  Another synonym for  God-Realization and the same as Nirvana, Samdhi, Prajna, Unity Consciousness etc. Same as Self Actualisation of Maslow in Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Scale. .

Sensitive—Psychically sensitive. A person who has paranormal powers. A person who demonstrates ESP gifts such as foreknowledge, clairaudience, clairvoyance or precognition. 

Shaman—A medicine man with psychic powers, who uses Hypnotherapy, Pranic Therapy, mantras etc to cure patients.

Solar Logos—The Soul of the Solar System. The material solar system is simply a physical manifestation (or body) of this living Intelligence.

Spirit Control—A disembodied spirit who relays messages from dead people to the living through a spiritual  medium.

Spiritual - That which is spiritual is natural in its ascent and cause; that which is natural is spiritual in its descent and being.

Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters—Spiritually evolved Masters, having already achieved Self-Actualisation, are now guiding the rest of humanity to this same Goal.

Spiritualist or Spiritist—Person who believes in the ability to contact departed souls through a medium.

Subject—Person used for experiments in ESP studies.  Subconscient - The Subconscious Mind. The seat of all the negative elements in Man. ( Lust, greed, anger, jealousy, sloth, covetousness & gluttony ). 

Sujnana - Knowledge of the Absolute, Philosophic knowledge 

Sufism—Islamic Mysticism or the Islamic Yoga. Union with the Divine.  Superconscient - The Superconscious Mind. Our evolutionary future. Above the conscious, the subconscious and the Unconscious. The base of all life.  Supermind - The highest divine principle. In Aurobindo philosophy the principle which connects the Upper and the Lower Hemispheres of the One Existence. The lower Hemisphere is Life, Mind and Matter and the Upper, Being, Knowledge and Bliss or Existence, Consciousness and Beatitude. . 

Syncretism—The glorious attempt to combine or unify differing religious systems. New Age exponents averr that all the world religions teach the same core truth: that all human beings  possess an inner divinity and Religion is the manifestation of the divinity already in man. All are brethren and all religions are so many radii of one circle, designed to lead man from the circumference and the surface of life to the One  Central Light, the Self. .  Synergy—A principle which states that the Whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Tantra—Derived from two Sanskrit terms Thanothi “ ( to expand ) and “ Trayathe “ ( to liberate ). Tantra is a similar discipline like Yoga whose aim is Self_Actualisation. The aim of Tantra is the Union of Knower, Knowledge and the Known. 

Taoism—A Chinese system of Philosophy that views the universe as engaged in incessant motion and activity. Same as Brahman of the Upanishads. ‘ Duration, then, eternally successive movement and change in Time is the sole Absolute ‘.  The universe is intrinsically dynamic & everything is in a state of continual flux  This  cosmic process is  the Tao.  Tao is that which is formless, yet the mother of all forms, and that which is timeless, yet prior to all manifestations, and that which does nothing, yet leaves nothing undone.

Tarot Cards—A deck of 78 cards wherein the secrets of the Universe are symbolically depicted.

Telekinesis—The ability to move physical objects by Psychic Energy or by voluntary control ; same as  Psychokinesis.

Telepathy—Communication between minds by ESP.

Thanatos - Death Instinct, the destructive urge in Man. Equal to Thamas of Yogic Psychology. 

Theosophy  One of the forerunners of New Age thought, Theosophy was  founded by Helena P. Blavatsky. The term literally means Divine Wisdom. The objectives of Theosophy are to (1) form a universal brotherhood; (2) do comparative study of world Religions, Science, and Philosophy; and (3) investigate the psychic and spiritual powers dormant in man. 

Therapeutic Touch—The Touch of the Alternative Medicine Healer.  The Universal Life Energy  is chanelled for the patient and then the patient is helped to assimilate this energy.

Third Eye—Symbolising Intuition, the Eye of Wisdom, the center of psychic vision. Antinomic Reason is represented by our two eyes and the Third Eye symbolises the Eye of Wisdom. “ The Intuition, sees things by flashes, not as a whole “.

Trance—A psychic state, a possession by Spirit. This is akin to sleep. 

Trance ChannelerThe new term for trance medium.

Transformation—Both personal and planetary transformation, individual and collective, are advocated by New Age exponents. By increasing Self-Actualisation, personal transformation takes place on an individual level and as more individuals are transformed, society, state and the world becomes transformed into a global brotherhood and world peace reigns supreme. .  Transfiguration - Our human nature, due to divine yogic techniques, becomes transfigured into divine nature. The divine Aurobindo spoke about the Transfiguring Hour or the Hour of God. 

Transmutation - The Divine Transmutation of Man, which is the Ultimate principle of Mysticism. Human nature becomes transmuted into divine nature, which is the ultimate divine aim. . 

Transcendental Consciousness - The Fourth State of Consciousness, transcending the three relative states of Consciousness, referred to as Tureeya in Yoga. .

UFO—Unidentified flying object; flying saucer.

Ultradien Healing Response - The human body everyday goes through a healing cycle ( round about  90 minutes ) and this is called the U H R.  

Unity-in-Diversity Council—A New Age Meta-network of over 100 networks and groups rallying for global cooperation and interdependence, emphasising the Unity beneath the apparent diversity. 

Upward Pull of the Mind - The Pull of the Mind towards the Superconscient or the Superconscious Mind. 

Vedas—Scriptures which were never written and which were cognised in higher states of Consciousness. Symbolically depicted as Descendit e caelo ‘ or descended from Heaven. What the Seers hear is only an infinitesimal portion of the Infinite Vedas !

Vedic Foods - Low acidity, low-cholesterol diet based on Naturopathy, the prophylactic aspect of Ayurveda.

Vijnana - Knowledge of the Relative, Scientific knowledge.  Visualization—Another term for Guided Imagery, visualization basically refers to the power of Mind over Matter. Mind is omnipotent  and can it bring changes in the material realm. “Mind is a mediator Divinity/ Its powers can undo all Nature’s work “ ( Aurobindo ).

World Goodwill—A New Age group that works for implementing The New Age World


Yantra - A masterpiece of Manifestation depicted in Silver, copper or gold plate. A sacred syllable or Mantra is inscribed on a silver or gold plate.  Believed to have occult powers to ward off evil.

Yin/Yang --  The male and female components of the Ultimate. Chinese terms referring to the active and passive principles of the universe or rather  Yin refers to the female or [inactive] negative force; Yang to the male or active force. These two polar forces continually interplay with each other. Briefly, it means that good and evil and right and wrong are actually the observe and the reverse of the coin of Life; they simply appear as opposites. Transcend the Opposites or the dualities (seen and unseen, hot and cold, up and down, back and forth, day and night, high and low, etc.), and you can attain Perfection (Nirvana, Samadhi, Prajna, Unity Consciousness etc.).

Yoga—The Science of the Superconscient. The scientia ultima or the Ultimate Science. The method divine of becoming united with the Supreme Being, or with the Universal Self.

Yogi—The initiate in Yoga who strives for Unitive Consciousness, the Seventh State of Consciousness. .

Zodiac—A belt of the Heavens 9 degrees away from the Ecliptic. Referred by Dante as “ the Oblique Line that beareth all planets” . Like fishes swim in a pond, the planets swim in this 18 degree belt. The Zodiac beginning from 0 degree Aries is Tropical and the Zodiac beginning from 0 degree Beta Arietis ( Ashwini ) is Sidereal. 



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