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Glossary of Celtic Terms



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Aes sidhe - The Supernatural Folk, i.e. the Faerie Folk.


Aicme - group of five Oghams.


Airbe druad - "Hedge," a magickal barrier no one could pass through.


Aisling - dream. Vision.


Alban Arthuan - Winter Solstice.


Alban Eiler - Spring Equinox.


Alban Elved - Autumnal Equinox.


Alban Heruin - Summer Solstice.


An-da-shealladh - "two sights," the ability to see spirits.


Anam - soul, indestructable self. One does not have but rather one is anam. It is seated in the head.


Annwyn - the Under World.


Ategenos - rebirth after death into the Other World.


Awen - inspiration.


Awenyddion - inspired ones.


Beltane - Irish festival of May 1.


Beo - living thing, life, livelihood, quick, alive, active, lively. One's physical body or true form. This can be shape-shifted into other true forms or be transformed by external magicks by others.


Bith - this world: the manifest multi-verse.


Blath - prosperity. The eastern realm among the Fifths.


Breaca sith - "faerie marks," the livid spots that appear on the faces of the dying.


Bricht - magick, the spoken spell.


Buabhaill - drinking horn.


Bua - victory, triumph, success, skill, talent, destiny. the earned power that can be shared. It is what develops from ritual, blessing, sanctification. One has an unlimited amount of Bua. See Bri.


Bwa'r Crach - "hag's bow," the rainbow leading to the Other World.


Caer - castle or fortress.


Cath - conflict. The northern realm among the Fifths.


Coelbreni - divination sticks.


Coiced - a fifth, one of five provinces of the land or cosmos.


Coirc - magick cauldron.


Corp creidh - "clay body," used as a magick poppet or spelling doll.


Craebh Ciuil - "the silver branch," or faerie shaman's magick wand.


Crannchur - "casting the woods," or divining by oghams.


Cwn Annwn - the hunting dogs of the faeries. Also called the hell hounds.


Da/n - poem, art, hymn, skill, gift, destiny, fate, talent, vocation, calling, treasure. A gift or talent intrinsic to a person, given by the Gods, unchangeable, which may either be expressed or not.


Deiseal - clockwise.


Dicetla - spells.


Dichetal do Chennaib - flash of inspiration.


Dli - binding principle, law. That which connects and binds everything, and is found in everything.


Dryw - wren, or druid.


Duile - elements. Sometimes there are seven or nine duile in a Faerie Pagan's worldview. This list may include earth, water, stone, salt, sun, rain, cloud, stars and wind.


Emania - "Land of the Moon," where the dead went.


Eocra esci - "keys of knowledge," ogham sticks.


Feth Fiada - spell of invisibility.


Fey - faerie folk.


Fid-nemith, or fid-neimid - sacred grove.


Fidh, or Fiodh - "wood," or "tree." Used to denote the Oghamic characters and the Trees they represent.


Fili (Filid pl.) - poet bards. This Irish term most closely fits the term "Druid."


Fith-fath, or Fath-fith - a rhymed incantation to change ones shape. Fis = learning. the western realm among the Fifths. Glainnaider, or Glain-nan-Druidhe = "Druids glass," a magickal amulet.


Imbas - fire in the head. source of poetic/magickal/divine inspiration.


Imbas Forosnai - word of mouth wisdom.


Immrama - voyage or journey of the spirit.


Ingheaw Andagha - "Daughters of Fire," or the priestesses of the Goddess Brigit.


Les - bag holding herbs carried by healers.


Lion na mna sithe - "Lint of the Faerie Woman," a healing herb.


Lorg - staff.


Lughnassadh - festival of August 1.


Miaran na mna sithe - "thimble of the faerie woman," or the foxglove.


Midhe - the middle of the Fifths. Muince = a collar or torc.


Muir - the sea.


Nemetos - holy or sacred.


Nenadmim - apple cider.


Obaidh - incantation.


Ogham - the magickal Celtic alphabet.


On-lay - a spell placed on a home, or other area.


Orth - spell.


Rige - soverignty. The middle realm of the Fifths.


Samhain - festival of October 31.


Sean-sgeal - folk tale.


Seis - harmony, or musical art. The southern realm among the Fifths.


Si/dhe - the Realm of the Dead, or the "Faerie Realm," or the


Under World in Faerie Lore.


Sidhe - faeries or other world beings.


Slat an draoichta - "rod of druidism," or a magick wand.


Taghairm - "spiritual echo," or calling up the dead.


Tais, or Taidhbhse - ghosts, or spirits of the dead.


Teinm Laida - understanding gained through the writing of poems.


Tiene sith - "faerie fire."


Tir-nan-og - "Land of the Young," or Faerie Land.


Tuatha De Dannan - "Children of the Goddess Dana," or the ancient Faerie Gods and Goddesses.


Tuathal - counter-clockwise.


Uath - poetic art.


Fifth - coiced. a province of the land or cosmos.


Middle - midhe. The middle realm of the Fifths.


Notch - the short lines or dots used to indicate the vowels of the Oghamic



Score - the lines which cross the stemline to form the Oghamic Fews.


Stemline - the straight line on which the notches and scores are cut to make


Oghamic Fews.

Under World - the "lower" realm(s).


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