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Aries Astrological name for a constellation and era precedent to the current era; symbolized by a large horned ram; a time more than two thousand years ago, Age of Aries.


Arbitrary abrasion Random wear by environmental conditions that are sufficient to affect all exposed surfaces.


Bedrock outcrop Metamorphic or igneous material which protrudes through a surface of later applied material and has the appearance of a free standing boulder, but is still firmly attached to the main mass of subsurface stone.


Byanu (Brienne, Breda, Brione, Rosmerta, Danu, etc.) Recorded names given by various Celtic sects of the Earth Mother Cult to their primary female deity.


Calendar Stele A tablet or stone engraved with images or instructions specific to solar timekeeping that has been included in a burial.


Celts / Celtic Has become a generic term for the indigineous peoples who lived in Europe, North Africa and Western Asia related through language, custom and religion prior to the rise of the territorially aggressive Greek and Roman civilizations who tended to regard them as primitive and barbarian.They left no written records and so no direct information is known about them. Accounts of the Celts by Roman chroniclers such as Caesar, Pliny, Tacitus and Lucien are probably biased but some of their descriptions have matched archaelogical evidence. Modern evidence suggests these people were allied with the Phonecians and Punic peoples.


Cross-quarter A yearly division, midpoint solar position between the equinox and solstices. May 1, November 1, August 2, and February 2 are fossil calendar cross quarter dates.


Cross-quarter marker A device for the purpose of timekeeping or celebrating the solar position of the cross-quarter.


Druid Class name for the educated of the religious based Celtic society; a priest, a scholar, leader


Earth Mother Cult Monotheistic religion, female oriented.


Epigraphy The study of rock cut inscriptions.

Equinox Solar position mid-point between solstices.


Fracture layers Strata in metamorphic rock that is structurally weaker than the surrounding stone.


Gadelic Root for the Indo-European language class that includes Manx, Gaelic, Cymreig, Gallego, Cornish, Takhelne, et al.


Imbolg February Cross quarter; Ground Hog Day.


Kufic A script assumed to be of Arabic origin named for the location (Kufa) where it was first noted.


Lugh Many skilled God of Celtic origin whose venerators were persecuted and exiled. A principal representative deity of Celtic society, Lawfather;


Lugh of the long arm; Lugh of the long arm and hand; spelled “+” and also means manly or virile; numerous variant spellings.


Ogam (Ogham) Alphabetic writing system considered to be of Celtic origin, examples found world wide. Possibly the world’s oldest writing system.


Ogam Consanine Style of ogam written without vowels.


Patination The surface acquired by stone that is exposed to the elements for long periods of time in a desert environment. Similar to desert varnish.


Pecking marks The indentations left by the impact of an awl or pointed stone tool on a stone surface; a detail of a petroglyph created by the process of manufacture.


Petroglyph A pattern pecked, carved or abraded onto a rock surface.


Petromantic / Petromania Application of ancient philosophy where everything around the believer was created directly by the hand of a literate God, The Creator; who was literate and had left hidden messages to be read by a literate priest or druid.


Pictograph A pattern or image painted or otherwise applied to a rock surface.


Phaistos disk A Ceramic disk of unusual manufacture found on Crete in 1921 and associated with material dated to 1600 BC. Deciphered by Dr. H. B.  “Barry” Fell in 1974.


Pleistocene The last big ice age.


Savin November cross-quarter; Halloween.


Solar Observatory A center of religious activity that keyed celebration to solar position.


Spalling A localized form of erosion.


Sky Father Cult Monotheistic religion, male oriented.


Sun disk on horizon device Application of a standard for reading solar displays.


Stem line Mid line for writing ogam, not always used.


Summer Solstice Extreme northern solar position.


Sun’s arc Reference of the movement of the sun across the sky, azimuth.


Tanit(h) Phonecian Earth Mother deity. Equal to Byanu, Ashira, Astarte, Inanna and root for Aphrodite, Venus and Mary.


Weak strata See fracture layers.


Winter Solstice Extreme southern solar position.





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