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Calendar of Welsh Saints’ Days



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1 Henwyn Sixth century; a monk of Llanilltud-Fawr who founded the church at Aberdaron and later became abbot of Bardsey Island, North Wales.  11LluwchaiarnSeventh century abbot; a disciple of Beuno.


12 Eilian Sixth century; hermit and missionary. 


13KentigernDied 612 AD; teacher of Asaf and bishop of Glasgow for Rhydderch Hael.


15 Llawdoc Sixth century; monk and confessor.


19 Branwaladr Sixth century; monk and bishop of Jersey.


23 Ellyw Sixth-century; disciple of Cadoc.


25 Dwynwen Fifth century; virgin daughter of king Brychan. The patron saint of lovers.


27 Lidgean Seventh century: Irish missionary and abbot.


29 Gildas the Wise Died 570 AD; abbot. His shrine is at St. Gildas de Rhuys.


31 Madoc Seventh century; Irish student of Dewi Sant, abbot of Glyn Rhosyn and bishop of Wexford.




1 Seirol Sixth century; descendant of Cuedda Wledig and first abbot of Penmon.


3 Ia Early sixth century; she sailed from Ireland to Cornwall on a leaf and was later martyred at Plouye in Brittany. 


8 KywereLate fifth century; abbess.


9 Teilo Died 560 AD; cousin of Dyfrig and disciple of Dewi Sant who became abbot/bishop at Llandeilo Fawr which he founded. 


13Congar Sixth century; brother of Kywere and abbot. 


17CurigSixth century; Irish missionary to Wales; built the monastery at Llangurig.


28 Llibio Sixth century; abbot and disciple of Cybi.




1 Dewi Sant Sixth century abbot; one of the three great saints of Wales and the only one whose cult was recognised by the Pope. Now the patron saint of Wales.


2 Non Sixth century; a grand-daughter of king Brychan who became a nun and mother of Dewi Sant. Her tomb is at Dirinon in Brittany. 


3 Llily Seventh century; a disciple of Dewi Sant who cared for him when he was dying.


5 Perran Fifth century; Irish or Welsh monk who founded churches in Cornwall. Patron saint of tin miners.


9 Constantine Died 579; Cornish prince and monk who was a disciple of



17 Llionio Sixth century; confessor.


18 Finan Sixth century; a confessor and disciple of Kentigern.


23 Gwinear Fifth century; Irish or Welsh monk martyred in Cornwall. 


26 Govan Sixth century; Irish abbot who became a missionary to south-west Wales in his old age.


29 Gwladys Sixth century; nun and daughter of king Brychan.




1 Tewdric Sixth century; king of Morgannwg, South Wales who became a hermit. He took up arms again against the Saxons and was slain


4 Tigernach Sixth century; Irish missionary to Cornwall. 


5 Derfel GadarnSixth century; a warrior who fought at Camlann before becoming a hermit and later abbot of Bardsey.  Brychan Sixth century; saintly king of Brycheiniog (Brecon, South/Mid Wales). He had many children who also became saints.


7 Brynach Sixth century; Irish nobleman who founded the monastery at Nevern.


9 Madrun Fifth century; nun and daughter of Gwrtheyrn.


14 Caradog Twelfth century; monk. His shrine is at St. David’s. 


15Padarn Sixth century; He came from Brittany to Llanilltud-Fawr before founding his monastery at Llanbadarn-Fawr. The monastery became a great centre of learning and rivaled St. David’s. 


21Beuno Seventh century; abbot who reputed restored Gwenfewi ,his niece, to life.


29 Endelienta Sixth century; virgin and daughter of Brychan.




1 Asaf Early seventh century; monk who founded the monastery at Llanelwy (St. Asaf, North Wales) under the direction of Kentigern.


3 Glywys Sixth century; monk and martyr.


5 Hydroc Sixth century; hermit.


8 Dominica 700 AD; martyred near Glastonbury.


11 Tudec Sixth century; abbot and cousin of Non.


13 Sulien Sixth century; confessor and counsin of Dewi Sant.


16 Gereint Sixth century; king of Cornwall.

     CarannogSixth century; abbot.


17 Madron Sixth century; monk and disciple of Tudwall.


21 Collen Sixth century; hermit.


22 Elen Luyddoc Fifth century; widow of Macsen Wledig.


29 Buryan Fifth century; convert of Patrick.




1 Candida Seventh century; martyred by pagans.


4 Petroc Sixth century; abbot.

   Nennoc a Sixth century; abbess and daughter of Brychan.


5 Tudno Sixth century; hermit.


6 Gulval Sixth century; abbot.


7 Cwyfan Seventh century; confessor and disciple of Beuno.


14 Dogmael Early sixth century; abbot.


15 Trillo Sixth century; abbot.


16 Ishmael Early seventh century; bishop.


17 Nectan Sixth century; hermit, martyr and son of Brychan.


21 Mewan Sixth century; abbot and disciple of Samson. 


26 Ceitho, Celynen, Gwyn, Gwynaro, Gwynog Sixth century; five saintly brothers.


28 Austell Sixth century; abbot and disciple of Samson.

29 Illudiana Sixth century; martyr and daughter of Brychan.




1 Julius, Aaron Early fourth century; maryred at Caerleon.


2 Oudeceus Early seventh century; bishop.


5 Morwenna Sixth century; virgin and daughter of Brychan.


6 Noyale Sixth century; martyr.


8 Urith Early eighth century; martyr.


15 Cewydd Sixth century; hermit and son of Brychan.


17 Cynllo Sixth century; confessor and missionary.


20 Arilda Sixth century; martyr.


28 Samson Sixth century; educated at Llanilltud-Fawr and later abbot and bishop of Dol. His relics are at Caldey and Dol. 


30GermoeFifth century; Irish missionary to Cornwall.


31 Garmon Fifth century; abbot and bishop.




1 Eiluned Sixth century; virgin and martyr.


3 Manaccus Sixth century; bishop.


4 Sithney Sixth century; monk.


8 Mawgan Fifth century; abbot baptized by Patrick.


16 Armael Sixth century; abbot.


23 Tydfil Fifth century; virgin and martyr.


30 Ruan Sixth century; bishop.




8 Cynfarch Sixth century; confessor and disciple of Dyfrig. 


11DeiniolSixth century; bishop of Bangor. A descendant of Coel Godebog he founded the monastery at Bangor Iscoed (Bangor on Dee, North Wales).


12 Elvis Sixth century; bishop. He baptized Dewi Sant. 


25CadocSixth century; abbot. He went to Ireland with Gildas and wrote Cattwg Doeth.


27 Barric Sixth century; hermit.




1 Mylor Sixth century; martyr.


8 Cenau Early sixth century; virgin daughter of Brychan. Her holy well is at Llangenny.


9 Llud Sixth century; virgin and martyr. A daughter of Brychan.


14 Selyf Sixth century; king of Cornwall and father of Gereint.


18 Gwen Sixth century; sister of Non and wife of Selyf.


22 Mallonius Died 314 AD; first bishop of Rouen.


23 Columba Sixth century; martyr.


24 Cadfarch Sixth century; confessor.


25 Sadwrn Sixth century; abbot and brother of Illtud. His tombstone is in the church at Llansadwrn.


26 Aneirin Gwawdrydd Seventh century; he became a monk after Cattraeth.


27 Llyr Sixth century; hermit.


30 Illogan Sixth century; Irish missionary.


31 Erth Sixth century; brother of Ia and bishop of Slane.




1 Cadfan Sixth century; abbot. His holy well and inscribed stone are at Twyn.


2 Ernin Sixth century; abbot. His relics are at Locarn. 


3 GwenfreiSeventh century; abbess. Restored to life by Beuno she became a nun. She was buried at Gwytherin but the Benedictines took her relics to Shrewsbury in 1138 AD, where a few remain. Her holy well is at Holywell. 


4CletherSixth century; hermit. Converted by Brychan.


5 Kea Fifth century; monk.


6 Illtud Sixth century; abbot. He founded Llanilltud-Fawr of wide renown. 


8 Cybi Sixth century; abbot. Son of Selyf, he founded the monastery at Caer-Gybi on land given by Maelgwn.


9 Pabo Sixth century; monk. Son of Coel Godebog and grandfather of Deiniol.


12 Cadwaladr Seventh century; king and confessor. 


14 DyfrigSixth century; bishop. Founded the monastery on Caldey Island, South Wales with Samson, may have been bishop of Llandaff near Cardiff,  died on Bardsey Island, North Wales In 1120 AD his relics were brought to Llandaff.


15 Malo Sixth century; bishop. A welsh monk who became the apostle of Brittany.


16 Afan Sixth century; bishop and cousin of Dewi Sant. His tombstone may be at Llanafan-Fawr.


18 Mabyn Sixth century; nun. A daughter of Brychan.


20 Colman Seventh century; abbot and first bishop of Dromore. 

22 Pawl HenSixth century; first bishop of St Pol de Leon. His relics were given to the abbey of fleury in 960 AD though some were returned to the cathedral in St Pol de Leon.


23 Deiniol Fab Sixth century; succeeded his father as bishop of Bangor, North Wales.


24 Mynver Sixth century; nun.


27 Cungar Sixth century; abbot. Brother to Selyf and disciple of Cybi.


30 Tudno Sixth century; hermit.




2 Llechid Sixth century; confessor.


5 Justinian Sixth century; hermit and confessor to Dewi Sant. His relics are in St David’s cathedral, West Wales.


8 Cyndir Sixth century; brother of Cadoc and grandson of Brychan.


9 Buddoc Sixth century; hermit and bishop of Dol. His relics are at Plourin.


18 Mawnan Seventh century; bishop.


26 Athan Sixth century; abbot and bishop.




Of all these saints only the cult of Dewi Sant was recognised by the Pope around 1120 AD. Of the others, some are well atested but for others there is very little evidence of their existence. In this they are by no means unique; they deserve at least as much respect as the rather better known St. George.



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