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Theosophical Order of Service 1929


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This report on the activities of the Theosophical Order of Service appeared in the 1929 Annual Report


The Theosophical Order of Service


Activity in The Department of “World Peace” and “Animal Welfare” have been most prominent, details of which follow, but many of our Members are working enthusiastically in many movements which come under the category of  2A Union of all who love, in the Service of all who suffer”.


These are gradually being co-ordinated by our National Head Brothers in the several Departments. Greater efforts, are however, still needed, and every FTS is cordially invited to engage in one or other of these. “Ways of Service” so that the total suffering of the world may be lessened, and its happiness increased.


The practical application of Brotherhood is the world’s greatest need at the present moment.


World Peace Week

November 4th – 11th 1928


Many lectures and talks were arranged by Lodges and individuals in connection with Peace Week. Local Peace Brothers have worked well, but with the bulk of the great amount of work was done by Miss Griffith, National Peace Brother, Colwyn Bay, who sent out over 2000 letters concerning The Daily Noon Peace Prayer. Many thousands of leaflets were circulated and articles and letters sent ot several newspapers.


Goodwill Day

May 18th 1929


The World Wireless Message of the Children of Wales roused a greater interest than ever in 1929, and replies were received from countries in all parts of the world. This was the 8th year of broadcasting this unique and wonderful message and earend the comment made by Dr Besant in her Presidential Report “Well done my sons”


Animal Welfare Week

May 5th – 12th 1929


Our members are to be congratulated on the extensive and useful work carried out during Animals’ Welfare Week. This year’s was the most successful yet. All the Education Authorities in Wales were invited to co-operate and a large number of the most important of them responded and called the attention of their teachers to the “Week” for Animals’ Welfare. Great interest was aroused among teachers as a result and many enquiries were received. Over 200 letters were sent to local newspapers in Wales. Almost all the Centres for this work in North and South Wales did excellent work by holding meetings, lectures, arranging humane exhibitions, distributing literature, etc. The General Secretary once again broadcasted a talk on “Kindness to Animals” from the Cardiff Station.



The work of the Theosophical Order of Service still continues in Wales




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