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The annual report for Wales to the Theosophical Order of Service International Congress held in Geneva in August 1936 includes this report on activities of members in both North and South Wales for 1935 – 36.


South Wales


Seven keen T.S. members form a healing group that meets regularly, and they have a long list of people desiring to be helped. Miss Ridler, the leader of this group as well as the secretary of the T.O.S. in Cardiff remarks on the good results of this fine ministry in  in the personalities and lives of the Members themselves” A Children’s outing Group also does good work, and includes coloured and Arab children amongst those taken to the seaside, along with other poor children. The Cardiff Theosophical Branch of the League of Nations Union has long had an active existence, and its co-operation is welcomed by and its representatives play an influential part in the counsels of the Cardiff district Committee of the LNU. International social evenings at which music of varois countries has been rendered have also been featured in Lodge Work. Work for Blind People, Animal Welfare, Vegetarian and anti-vivisection activity, help in the Girls’ Clubs and Institutes in the poorer districts, as well as active work in connection with the International Peace Congress held in the City in June, has been undertaken by members among other things.


North Wales


Under the leadership of Miss Arrowsmith a daily meditation for Peace is maintained by a small group of Members, and active help has been given for extending “Goodwill Day”. Many Members work for various Animal Welfare movements, especially Vegetarians, Anti-vivisection and the RSPCA.


Although not always definitely organized and therefore no reports submitted, many Members are actively engaged in various practical lines of work for Educational, social and humanitarian causes.


In particular, work for Vegetarianism, Peace, and “Goodwill Day” has been given special emphasis.


The Report also specifically mentions the economic depression in Wales and its effect on Lodge activity. Membership dropped as a result of the depression and many members were accepted on a reduced fee due to financial hardship.


The economic Conditions in Wales, however, still prevent any extensive activity, and the work is limited to the voluntary efforts of a few individual members in their spare time.


The Report is dated June 1936 and Peter Freeman styles himself “Head Brother for Wales



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