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Welsh Theosophy Asserts That

Fascism Can Be Defeated

July 1940


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The 1940 annual convention of the TS in Wales, held on November 9th & 10th , was the second to be held since the outbreak of World War II.    This Convention came just after the Battle of Britain and despite the difficult situation at the time, members were determined to make the Convention a success. Attendance was reduced due to travel problems and blackout restrictions were in force, however, it is recorded that in addition to lectures and meetings, a number of social events were held. These were organized by Miss Banks.


The annual report for the TS in Wales issued in July 1940 was upbeat with a defiant “Business As Usual” flavour. It is noted that help is being given to refugees by both individual members in the form of accommodation and through the fund raising activities of the

Theosophical Order of Service.


General Secretary, Peter Freeman included this positive message about the current situation. His view was shared by most Welsh Theosophists that Britain would prevail and that the Axis Powers would ultimately be defeated.




In the course of development of human consciousness, a clash of ideas has taken place in the world, and the dark clouds menacing Europe have now broken out in all their fury in the storm of war.


Failure to make adequate preparation, Lack of effective co-operation and widespread treachery have enabled those who believe in force alone to temporarily get the upper hand on practically the whole of the continent of Europe. Britain now stands alone as the bulwark of justice and freedom amongst the fighting nations of the world. She is, however, secure, not only in the justice of her cause, but in the power of her defences. A united people will, we trust, effectively withstand the onslaught of the final stages of the greatest war of mankind. The waves of violence and cruelty will beat themselves against the rocks of our island till the tide of despotism shall have exhausted itself, and its backwash submerge for ever the evil that has menaced the world for so long.


Quiet confidences, effective service, and loyal comradeship must be maintained till a new day shall dawn and mankind reach a higher step on the ladder of evolution.


In this hour of crisis the Society and each of its members have their duty to perform. May we prove worthy of this privilege.




General Secretary


July 1940


This statement is all the more commendable when it is considered that the Battle of Britain was now underway with Cardiff, Newport and Swansea experiencing bombing raids. Italy had now entered the war.


The report also congratulates Miss Ada M Ridler, National Treasurer and member since 1915 on reaching her 70th birthday. The North Wales Lodges were also able to report an increase in attendances at meetings with an influx of evacuated Civil Servants who were members of the Society.




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