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The National Publicity Committee 1930


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Welsh Theosophists have always felt the need to bring Theosophy to a wider audience and in 1930 the National council formed what today would be known as a focus group to look at the matter. Here is the letter in which General Secretary, Peter Freeman announced the move to members and appealed for support.


Peter Freeman was MP for Brecon and Radnor at this time.


Dear Fellow Member,


National Publicity Committee


It is thought that the time has arrived when we should make a more concentrated effort to spread Theosophy and to make it a more living power in the world of today.


The present time is a difficult transition period, the old is dying and the new is being born. It is, therefore , very important that the seed being sown is the right seed, for the coming civilization will be largely the flower and fruit of the present sowing.


We are desirous of doing our share of this work, and we are therefore proposing to form a committee, on which we invite you to serve. A preliminary meeting will be held on Sunday October 5th at 5.30PM at 10 Park Place, Cardiff (Room 21)

When it is hoped that the committee will be formed.


The object of the committee will be primarily:-


1)     To consider ways and means of bringing theosophy to the notice of a larger public, with the aim of making it a more living and vital power in the world.

2)     To give practical effect to any particular work decided upon


I shall be glad to know if you are willing to serve on this committee, and if you are able to attend the preliminary meeting on October 5th .?.


Cordially and fraternally yours,




General Secretary.


The meeting of October 5th was very successful and a committee was formed.



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