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“Winds of the Spirit”

Study Group 1983


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Led by long standing Theosophist Dave Thomas, this study group used Gottfried de Purucker’s “Winds of the Spirit” (1971 edition) as its basis for study. This was a well supported group meeting weekly on Wednesday evenings for about 2 years. Unusually, Dave kept this group as an open group, allowing participants to join and leave at any time.


Winds of the Spirit is not a text book in the traditional sense but rather a compilation of short informal talks. Single chapters of the book can be selected at will for study and this fact probably made it easier for Dave to keep the group open for its duration.


Dave Thomas was profoundly interested in World Mythology and at the conclusion of the Purucker study, began another group which studied Rudolf Steiner’s “Egyptian Myths and Mysteries”. This group was also well supported and ran for over a year.


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