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At Lodge meetings nowadays it is customary for members of the audience to ask the speaker questions at the end of the lecture. Question time can last anything up to half an hour and often continue over a cup of tea after the meeting. Some speakers invite comment or questions while giving their talk.


Long standing member Ray Innocent reports that Society meetings have not always been as informal as this. Ray first attended a Cardiff Lodge meeting at the Park Place building in the early 60s and found a very formal and deferential approach. At the end of the first meetings which Ray attended, the speaker was thanked for his lecture and applauded but no questions were asked. New to Theosophy Ray was keen to broaden his knowledge and made up his mind to ask a question at the end of the next lecture he attended. He knew he had to be quick as the chairman would bring the meeting to a close and despatch the speaker very quickly.


To the astonishment of everyone Ray got in with his question and although this broke with protocol, the speaker was pleased to give Ray an answer. For the next couple of meeting Ray got in quickly with his questions but this didnít prompt anyone else to ask a question.


A further meeting saw the arrival of another first timer and Ray took the step of mentioning to him that he must be quick if he wanted to ask a question. This person put a question to the speaker and the tradition of asking questions steadily became established.



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