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History of the Theosophical Society in Wales


The Reincarnation Campaign

1927 - 30

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The Reincarnation Campaign began in 1927 as a way of promoting Theosophical ideas to a wider public. Theosophists all over Wales became involved in delivering lectures on Reincarnation to a range of groups whose aspirations were considered similar to that of the Theosophical Society.


At first, requests for talks came mainly from religious and academic groups but by 1928 other groups such as the Cardiff Labour Party were requesting lectures.


The Society also introduced the Druidic ideas on Reincarnation as well as those of pure Theosophy with the emphasis on either depending on the speaker. To encourage research into the Druidic Tradition, Theosophist Charlotte Woods offered a prize £5 to the 1929 National Eisteddfod for the best essay on “The Idea of Rebirth in the Keltic Tradition”


Theosophy and Reincarnation



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