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Letter to Welsh Theosophists

September 1939


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World Events 1939


At the outbreak of World War II, General Secretary, Peter Freeman sent this letter of encouragement to all Society Members in Wales. His appeal for the Members to pull together, continue the work and help others was heeded as the Society continued activities through the war and did a great deal to help refugees.



Dear Fellow Member


The recent outbreak of hostilities in Europe and the national preparation necessarily made in this country will have dislocated our normal activities.


Nevertheless, we hope to carry on our Theosophical work and apply our teachings in the present crisis on every possible occasion, and each member is invited to help in this emergency to the best of his ability. There is no question but that the understanding of Theosophy and the explanation of it offers of the problems of life are wanted under such circumstances more than ever and there is no more important duty than for each of us to make practical use of its teachings.


It has been deemed advisable to hold our Annual Convention in Cardiff rather than North Wales., but the dates and other arrangements still hold good and a copy of the amended Programme is enclosed. It is hope that every member, in spite of the difficulties that have arisen, will make even greater effort to attend. An opportunity will be afforded of reviewing our activities under the present conditions and we shall greatly appreciate your presence to assist in these discussions. All suggestions will be cordially welcomed.


It is hope that every Lodge will continue to meet and thus help the world in this present struggle. It is in such times of crisis that great opportunities come, and both Lodges and Members should be alert to take full advantage of them in speech, writing, and action for the service of humanity.


Adaptability to altered conditions is one of the most valuable of qualifications, and these are unique times for its development.


Needless to say, I know with what difficulties many are faced and what heroic struggles they are having to make, but we only grow strong as we endevour to lighten the burden of others rather than be relieved of our own.. I shall therefore at all times be very pleased to hear from Members and to know what they are doing, or to receive suggestions concerning our Theosophical activities


With very cordial greetings and good wished


Fraternally Yours




General Secretary



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World Events 1939




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