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Emphasis on Serious Study 1983


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In this report to the Society in 1983 General Secretary, Elise Probert identifies a trend toward serious study amongst the members. Several study groups are clearly in progress around Wales and this trend still continues today.


The Lodges in Cardiff and Colwyn Bay have both continued with reasonable success throughout the year under review.


Membership stays about the same and the trend towards a lower average age is still in evidence.


Study Groups for members are well attended. The Cardiff Lodge for example, has studies the Three Fundamental Propositions of the Secret Doctrine during the year and we are embarking on a study session of the Mahatma Letters during this autumn and next year. The Colwyn Bay Lodge have their regular study groups of members, forming a close co-operation towards a better understanding of the Theosophical teachings.


Our public meetings are well attended on the whole and we have a fair number of speakers from othersections as well as from our own Lodges.


Contact with like minded groups and organizations is being maintained (this started some years ago) and we have been invited to speak about Theosphy while we in turn, invite a speaker form different groups to talk about their particular philosophy at a members meeting. At our public meetings we aim to give a wider knowledge of theosophy and to help understand the theosophical teachings.



Elise Probert


General Secretary


Theosophical Society in Wales


28th October 1983





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