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A Boom in Study Groups

1948 -1953


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The period from 1948 to 1953 seems to have seen an upswing in interest in Study Groups with several members pitching in to run groups for their own special interest.


The annual report for 1949 records the following group leaders and subjects


Miss G Craven   -  Thought Power


Mrs Hilda Allen  -   Astrology


Miss A Banks   -    The Secret Doctrine


The following groups were also mentioned


Miss E C Owen  -  Monthly Devotional Meeting


Miss Mary Jones  -  Tuesday afternoon Meditation Group



The annual report for 1950 records a similar picture


Miss A Banks  -  The Secret Doctrine


Miss G Craven  -  The Occult side of Christianity


Miss W B Knowles  -  The Powers Latent in Man


The following groups also continued


Miss Mary Jones  -  Tuesday afternoon Meditation Group


Miss E C Owen  & Miss A Banks  -  Monthly Devotional Group


Weekly Discussion Groups for Young Theosophists at the home of Charles and Ada James


The Study Group story seems to one of boom and bust with study groups virtually disappearing for many years and then re-emerging as a core activity.

Meditation also experienced intermittent support from around 1960 to the late 1980’s before experiencing a revival. Sadly, Devotional Meetings despite continuing for over 20 years have now disappeared.


The interest in Study Groups seems to have continued until 1953 but sadly mention of Study Groups is ominously absent form the 1954 records. In 1955 there is a vague reference to meetings to study “diverse Theosophical subjects”.


In 1956 an attempt to restart the Study Groups by Charles James using a study course entitled “The Tenets of Theosophy” does not appear to have been well supported but did have a hard core of enthusiasts attending regularly. A further Study Group in 1958 conducted by an unspecified member was also not well supported


There appears to have been no interest in Study Groups until Charles and Ada James revived them in 1967.


The Tuesday afternoon Meditation Group continued throughout the 1950s. Several Meditation Groups came and went during the 1960s and 70s, meeting in the evenings. Meditation became popular again in the late 1980s with the formation of a Sunday Meditation Group which still meets. Several specialist meditation groups have existed in the last 15 years including Yoga Nidra and Native American. Huna and Channeling groups are meeting at this time.


The Devotional Group continued strongly into the 1960s and Ada James was conducting 2 per month in 1967.This group was continued with other members leading until 1971 when numbers fell. Devotional Meetings were discontinued in 1972.


The Young Theosophists’ discussion groups at the home of Charles and Ada James continued until at least 1955. During the 1960’s, the Society decided that it was inappropriate to identify younger members as a separate group.




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