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Accommodation for the European Theosophical Congress was at a premium in Cardiff in 1941 and it was essential to book well in advance. Turning up and expecting to find a room on spec was just not an option and the booking form below was sent out by Elizabeth Claudia-Owen to Congress Delegates about four months in advance. A few Theosophists were able to put delegates up at their homes, but as the form says, this was very limited.


It is noted that there were no guest houses in Cardiff offering vegetarian meals and it it is interesting to note that there were some guest houses offering a vegetarian alternative when Charles James came to compile his Vegetarian Eating out List in 1955.





European Congress


Cardiff, April 10 – 15


1. Accommodation available


a. Hotels:


Angel Hotel  10/6d. per night for bedroom, en pension 21/- per day


Park Hotel    10/6d. per night for bedroom, en pension 21/- per day


Royal Hotel   10/6d. per night for bedroom, en pension X 17/6d. per day


Queens Hotel  11/-  per night for bedroom, en pension 18/6d. per day


Great Western Hotel  8/6d. for bed and breakfast


Railway Hotel            8/6d. for bed and breakfast


(X if a number of persons)


b. Boarding Houses 10/6d. to 12/6d. per day, according to room


                               6/6d. to 7/6d. bed and breakfast

(Limited Accommodation)


c. Private Houses at a very small charge

(very limited accommodation)


2. Accommodation required.

Please state type and cost, and whether single or double bedroom.






3. Length of stay:  From______________ to _____________


4. Name:- ________________________________________


   Address:- _________________________________________



Note:- Bookings will be arranged as required by Miss E.C. Owen,


It is regretted that there are no vegetarian guest houses in Cardiff, but efforts will be made to arrange for vegetarians where required.


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