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Colwyn Bay Theosophist

makes it to 100

Ellen Edgar celebrated her 100th birthday on

February 15th 2008



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The story was covered by the North Wales Pioneer



A 'WELL-LOVED' Colwyn Bay resident celebrated her 100th birthday last week.


Ellen Edgar, who lives in the Swn y Mor retirement complex, was thrown a surprise party by family and friends on Friday, February 15 2008. Ellen and her guests were entertained by a magician and a slide show of her life was shown. She said: “It has been lovely. I’m glad I have reached 100 so that I could have this wonderful party.”

Ellen has lived in
Colwyn Bay for 62 years. She was originally from Bolton, Lancashire and moved to the area in 1947 with her husband, Harry Edgar. The couple bought Northwood Hotel in Rhos Road and together developed it into a vegetarian guest house. In 1953 they started the Vegetarian Society and Harry became its first chairman. They also had an interest in Theosophy and became members of the Colwyn Bay Branch of the Welsh Section of the Theosophical Society (T.S). The couple visited Adyar in South India on two occasions as part of the T.S World Congress and Ellen was in charge of the catering for 4000 members and gave cooking demonstrations to Indian chefs.

Ellen and Harry had one son, Alan in 1933 and went on to have two grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Ellen said: “I am very lucky. I have a wonderful son and grandchildren.”

After 50 years in business they retired and both settled in a flat at the Swn y Mor retirement complex in
Colwyn Bay in 1989. Harry died in 1992, but Ellen has continued to enjoy their shared interests. She said: “I have had a nice life. I think that I reached this age because of the joy of living. I have just enjoyed life.”

She has maintained her independence and was recently seen experimenting with new cookery recipes. Alan, Ellen’s son said: “Her social skills and as she would say,
Lancashire sense of humour, make her a very popular resident at the retirement complex.”

She has kept up to date with modern technology and is now using her laptop computer to develop new skills. Alan said: “She keeps so busy that she says she has no problems, because she has no time for them.”





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