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Here is an extract from a newsletter to members written by General Secretary, Peter Freeman in October 1936. Peter refers both to the current unemployment and the worsening political situation and clearly sees that a major war is a distinct possibility. He contrasts the world situation with the peace of Wales.


My Dear Fellow Member


Cordial greetings and all good wishes for the coming season. We trust that you have been able to enjoy a pleasant rest and holiday during the summer vacation, and that you are eager tp join with your fellow members in helping to make Theosophy an effective force.


The World Crisis


We are passing through, perhaps, one of the greatest crises of modern civilization. This must be obvious to all, though we are fortunate to be living in peaceful Wales, and so may have escaped the worst horrors. The economic situation, however,  still makes life a difficult burden for many, and the world is more and more divided by the many conflicting ideas and teachings that are clamouring for recognition. It is, therefore, all the more necessary that we should consolidate our forces and carry on our activities with ever greater enthusiasm, so that Truth and Brotherhood may prevail, and may be recognized by all as the solution of the world’s problems.


In the Annual Report for 1936, Peter Freeman makes these comments in a section also entitled “The World Crisis”


The many difficulties that threaten mankind have not lessened during the past year, and we are still faced with many conflicting struggles. No better alternative than the application of Brotherhood as a solution to our many problems has been suggested, and the Society has therefore an even heavier responsibility in proclaiming and championing that ideal that its purpose may be clarified and its implications realized so that Humanity may take advantage of the privileges and benefits it brings when it is put into practice.


We send our greetings and record our appreciation of the splendid services of our President Dr George Arundale, who, with his wife Rukmini Arundale is touring Europe and re-awakening the enthusiasm of many Members to assist in the great tasks that fall to our lot.


Welsh Theosophists did a great deal to help the victims of Nazi oppression in the 1930s with Peter Freeman very active in this area. The rise of totalitarian regimes was of great concern and this piece on “A Charter of Human Rights” was included in the 1936 report.


A Charter of Human Rights


At the European Congress of the Theosophical Society all National Societies were invited to form a local Committee to consider National and World Problems and to make recommendations accordingly. A small committee was appointed by the National Council with Miss Mary Jones as secretary. As a result “A Charter of Human Rights” has been drawn up and is being submitted to the World Congress at Geneva, the General Secretary (Peter Freeman) being invited to give a public lecture on the subject during the Congress.


Welsh Theosophy presents A Charter of Human Rights 1936


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