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1938 39 Welsh Theosophy

and the Build up to War


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In years before World War II General Secretary, Peter Freeman gave the following messages about world peace in the annual report of the Theosophical Society in Wales.



International Peace and Goodwill


While the world stands terrified at the possibilities of the extension of war, and no practicable proposal for minimizing the difficulties appears likely of immediate acceptance by the various countries concerned, the commonsense proposal of our, Dr Arundale should appeal to every member of the Society, and it is hoped, to many others. The personal and direct use of the powers of will and direct thought for the solution of the problem along the lines suggested may prove a factor of greater importance than can be realized now, and may become the most practicable move towards establishing World Peace and Brotherhood. We cordially support this call for active service, and many will co-operate in the scheme. Names and addresses of those participating, together with the time chosen may be sent to the General Secretary for forwarding to Dr Arundale, who desires to have a record of all who are helping in the work.


July 1st 1938




The World Problem


Threats and rumours of war still loom over the World, particularly in Europe and the Far East, and humanity is slow to take effective action to secure peace for all mankind. While nation al claims are held in greater estimation than world responsibilities these menacing conditions are bound to continue., but human beings have it in their power to establish peace and brotherhood, if they are sincere in their desire to do so, though that peace must be established by justice and righteousness for all, and not merely in the interests of isolated countries, groups or empires. Already, active developments are tending along these lines, and let us hope will take effective shape by the collective co-operation of all states who desire peace and justice, before the world is submerged by an outbreak of hostilities.


The Society can lend its aid in such a solution, by an intelligent understanding of the problem, by its desire to secure justice for every country, and by its efforts to practice brotherhood throughout the world.


By its Goodwill Message from the Children, its outline of the proposal of an International Equity Tribunal and an International Police Force and by its long championship of World Peace, Wales has helped to contribute to this most pressing problem


July 1st 1939






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