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Mr Morgan Edward Thomas

First Theosophist in Wales 1889


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Mr Morgan Edward Thomas of 18 Park Place, Merthyr Tydfil became a member of the British section of the Theosophical Society on May 21st 1889. His membership diploma was signed by H P Blavatsky. For many years he promoted Theosophy in Merthyr and district at the head of the South Wales industrial valleys by means of his personal library which he bequeathed to the Theosophical Society on his death in 1920. He is known to have introduced many people to Theosophy.


Colonel Henry Steel Olcott mentions in Old Diary Leaves that he lectured in Wales at Merthyr and Tenby at the end of the 19th century and that Mr Thomas arranged the lectures. It is known that Colonel Olcott with Mr W R Old and the Honourable Mrs Malcolm visited Merthyr and Tenby on October 2nd 1889.


W R (Walter) Old joined the British section in London in 1889, was a founder member of the Esoteric Section and was present at the death of H P Blavatsky.



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