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A selection of articles relating to the esoteric significance of the Number 7 in Theosophy



Why is the number 7 so important?


The extent to which the number 7 dominates the mechanisms of Nature is known as the Septenary Law or Principle.


In the Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 158, H P Blavatsky said the following;


“Everything in the metaphysical as in the physical Universe is septenary


In Esoteric Buddhism, A P Sinnett made this observation;


“In periods of sevens the evolution of the races of man may be traced, and the actual number of objective worlds which constitute our system, and of which our Earth is one, is seven also. Remember, the occult scientists know this as a fact that the spectrum consists of seven colours, and the musical scale of seven tones. There are seven kingdoms of Nature, not three, as modern science has imperfectly classified them. Man belongs to a kingdom separate from that of the animals, including beings in a higher state of organization than that which manhood has familiarized us with as yet; and below the mineral kingdom there are three others, which science in the West knows nothing about.”


In “The Seven Principles of Man” Katherine Tingley says;


“If asked, "Why seven?" the answer is that seven is one of the key numbers by which the mysteries that underlie all nature are revealed and explained. The wisdom-religion teaches that number and numbers underlie all the processes of creation. This numerical key is at once most important and profound. There is nothing arbitrary about the use of the number seven as applied to the study of man's nature. The septenate is universal throughout nature”


Here are further examples of the Septenary Law:-


The Seven Planes of the Cosmos


The Seven Globes that constitute a Chain or Planetary System. This consists of our own Physical Globe and six other (invisible to us) Companion Globes.


The Seven Rounds or periods of activity of each Chain in which the Life impulse passes through the Globes.


The Seven Root Races through which Mankind evolves, each with their seven Sub-Races. We are fifth Root Race and there are two more to come.





Articles by H P Blavatsky


"The Number Seven"


The Number Seven

and Our Society


On The Septenary Constitution

of Our Planet

An Extract from the Key to Theosophy


The Septenary Nature of Man

An extract from the Key to Theosophy


The Septenary Principle

in Esotericism


The Key To Theosophy (Complete Text)


Blavatsky Archive


Article by Annie Besant


The Seven Principles of Man




Writings of Annie Besant



Article by William Q. Judge


Septenary Constitution of Man

This is Chapter 4 of The Ocean of Theosophy


Writings of W Q Judge


Article by Katherine Tingley


The Seven Principles of Man


Article by T Subba Row


Brahmanism on the

Sevenfold Principle in Man

With notes by H P Blavatsky


Article by a Parsee member of

The Theosophical Society


Zoroastrianism on the

Septenary Constitution of Man


An anonymous contribution to

the Theosophist Magazine


Septenary Division in

Different Indian Systems




The Seven Rays


 The Seven rays are cosmic intelligences or energies

which permeate the universe. Theosophy postulates

that every person on the planet is characterized

by one or several of these rays and their qualities.


The Seven Rays


Ernest Wood

(First published 1925)





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