Sociedad Teosófica de Cardiff


Cardiff Theosophical Society

206 Newport Road,

Cardiff, Wales, UK, CF24 – 1DL.


Sociedad Teósofica en País de Gales (Inglés)


 Sociedad Teósofica de Cardiff (Inglés)



H P Blavatsky


Websites Teosoficales Españoles de la Lengua

Spanish Language Theosophical Websites



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Teosofia en Cardiff (Página en Español)



Sociedad Teosófica Española

Web oficial de la asociaciacion civil sin ánimo de lucro destinada a promover el estudio y practica de la Teosofia.


Sociedad Teosófica en Argentina

Sociedad Teosófica en Argentina.


Sociedad Teosófica en Buenos Aires

Información sobre teosofía, actividades de la sociedad teosófica, esoterismo y ocultismo en general, enlaces. La página no es usable sin Java; ...


Sociedad Teosófica en Argentina

Información sobre la Sociedad Teosófica en Argentina.


Sociedad Teosofica en Uruguay

Información sobre la Sociedad Teosófica en Uruguay.


Sociedad Teosofíca en Chile

Información sobre la Sociedad Teosófica en Chile.


Blavatsky Net Foundation

Sede Buenos Aires - Sociedad Teosófica BA en Balcarce; Mendoza  Sociedad Teosófica de Mendoza; Rosario - Sociedad Teosófica de Rosario.


Sociedad Teosofica, Republica Dominicana. 



La Sociedad Teosófica en América

La Sociedad Teosófica en América http://www.theosophical.org/indexspanish.html



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Sociedad Teosófica de Cardiff



Cardiff Theosophical Society

206 Newport Road,

Cardiff, Wales, UK, CF24 – 1DL.


Sociedad Teósofica en País de Gales (Inglés)


 Sociedad Teósofica de Cardiff (Inglés)


Paginas en Español


¿Es la Teosofía una Religión?

H P Blavatsky


Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

1831 - 1891

Cronología de su Vida


Glosario Teosófico en Español

H P Blavatsky


La Voz del Silencio

H P Blavatsky


La Clave de la Teosofía

H P Blavatsky


La Sabidura Antigua

Annie Besant


El Oceano de la Teosofía

W Q Judge


Aforismos Sobre El Karma

W Q Judge



Try these links for

more info about Theosophy




Cardiff Theosophical Society meetings are informal

and there’s always a cup of tea afterwards




The Cardiff Theosophical Society Website




The National Wales Theosophy Website



Theosophy Cardiff’s Instant Guide to Theosophy


Cardiff Theosophical Archive


Cardiff Blavatsky Archive

A Theosophy Study Resource


Theosophy Cardiff’s Gallery of Great Theosophists


Dave’s Streetwise Theosophy Boards

The Theosophy Website that welcomes

absolute beginners.

If you run a Theosophy Study Group, please

feel free to use any material on this Website


Blavatsky Blogger

Independent Theosophy Blog


The Most Basic Theosophy

 Website in the Universe

A quick overview of Theosophy 

and the Theosophical Society

If you run a Theosophy Study Group you 

can use this as an introductory handout.


Quick Blasts of Theosophy

One liners and quick explanations

About aspects of Theosophy


The Blavatsky Blogger’s

Instant Guide To

Death & The Afterlife


Blavatsky Calling

The Voice of the Silence Website





Cardiff Theosophy Start-Up

A Free Intro to Theosophy


The Blavatsky Free State

An Independent Theosophical Republic

Links to Free Online Theosophy 

Study Resources; Courses, Writings, 

Commentaries, Forums, Blogs




Visit the Feelgood Lodge

The main criteria for the inclusion of

links on this site is that they have some

relationship (however tenuous) to Theosophy

and are lightweight, amusing or entertaining.

Topics include Quantum Theory and Socks,

Dick Dastardly and Legendary Blues Singers.



The New Rock ‘n Roll

An entertaining introduction to Theosophy


Nothing answers questions

like Theosophy can!

The Key to Theosophy


Wales! Wales! Theosophy Wales

The All Wales Guide To

Getting Started in Theosophy

For everyone everywhere, not just in Wales


Brief Theosophical Glossary


The Akashic Records

It’s all “water under the bridge” but everything you do

makes an imprint on the Space-Time Continuum.


Theosophy and Reincarnation

A selection of articles on Reincarnation

by Theosophical writers

Provided in response to the large number

of enquiries we receive on this subject


Theosophical Glossary

prepared by W Q Judge


The South of Heaven Guide to

Theosophy and Devachan


The South of Heaven Guide to

Theosophy and Dreams


The South of Heaven Guide to

Theosophy and Angels




No Aardvarks were harmed in the

preparation of this Website


Theosophy Avalon

The Theosophy Wales

King Arthur Pages


The Tooting Broadway

Underground Theosophy Website

The Spiritual Home of Urban Theosophy


The Mornington Crescent

Underground Theosophy Website

The Earth Base for Evolutionary Theosophy




H P Blavatsky’s Heavy Duty

Theosophical Glossary

Published 1892




Complete Theosophical Glossary in Plain Text Format





Classic Introductory Theosophy Text

A Text Book of Theosophy By C W Leadbeater


What Theosophy Is  From the Absolute to Man


The Formation of a Solar System  The Evolution of Life


The Constitution of Man  After Death  Reincarnation


The Purpose of Life  The Planetary Chains


The Result of Theosophical Study




The Occult World

By Alfred Percy Sinnett


Preface to the American Edition    Introduction


Occultism and its Adepts    The Theosophical Society


First Occult Experiences   Teachings of Occult Philosophy


Later Occult Phenomena    Appendix



Try these if you are looking for a

local Theosophy Group or Centre



UK Listing of Theosophical Groups


Worldwide Directory of 

Theosophical Links


International Directory of 

Theosophical Societies




Pages About Wales

General pages about Wales, Welsh History

and The History of Theosophy in Wales


Wales is a Principality within the United Kingdom

and has an eastern border with England.

The land area is just over 8,000 square miles.

Snowdon in North Wales is the highest mountain at 3,650 feet.

The coastline is almost 750 miles long.

 The population of Wales as at the 2001 census is 2,946,200.