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Cardiff 1917

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Theosophy and the Great War



The First World War



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Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

28th June, 1914


Austra-Hungary demands that Serbia arrest the leaders of the Black Hand

23rd July, 1914


Serbia appeals to Russia for help

24th July, 1914


Serbia refuses to hand over leaders of the Black Hand group

25th July, 1914


Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

28th July, 1914


Germany declares war on Russia

1st August, 1914


Germany declares war on France

3rd August, 1914


Moltke orders the Schlieffen Plan to proceed

4th August, 1914


German troops enter Belgium

4th August, 1914


Great Britain declares war on Germany

4th August, 1914


Lord Kitchener calls for 100,000 men to join British Army

7th August, 1914


Big Bertha used against Liege Forts

12th August, 1914


Austro-Hungarian troops invade Serbia

12th August, 1914


French troops enter Lorraine

14th August, 1914


British Expeditionary Force arrives in France

22nd August, 1914


Battle of Mons begins

23rd August, 1914


French Army abandons Plan 17

24th August, 1914


Battle of Tannenberg begins

26th August, 1914


Battle of Heligoland

28th August, 1914


War Propaganda Bureau Writers Conference

2nd September, 1914


Battle of the Marne begins

6th September, 1914


French troops attack German Army at the River Aisne 13th September, 1914


Battle of Albert

25th September, 1914


Battle of Arras

1st October, 1914


First German aircraft shot down by Allied plane

5th October, 1914


Battle of Ypres

15th October, 1914


Canadian troops arrive in Britain

16th October, 1914


Turkey joins Central Powers

29th October, 1914



Anglo-Indian invasion of Mesopotamia

21st November, 1914


Farman MF-11 carries out first night bombing raid 21st December, 1914


Christmas Truce on the Western Front

25th December, 1914


South African forces occupy Swakopmund

14th January, 1915


Battle of Dogger Bank

24th January, 1915


BEF attacks at Neuve Chapelle

10th March, 1915


Allied naval attack on the Dardanelles

18th March, 1915


Roland Garros uses deflector plates

1st April, 1915


German gas attack at Ypres

22nd April, 1915


Drilling First World War recruits

on the beach at Llandudno, North Wales.


Allied landings at Gallipoli

25th April, 1915


Sinking of the Lusitania

7th May, 1915


Artois Offensive

9th May, 1915


Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary

23rd May, 1915


Germany abandons Ypres offensive

25th May, 1915


Asquith forms coalition government

25th May, 1915


First Zeppelin raid on London

31st May, 1915


Isonzo Offensive begins

23rd June, 1915


Suvla Bay Offensive at Gallipoli

6th August, 1915


Grand Duke Nikolai sacked as Commander-in-Chief 5th September, 1915


First tank demonstrated to British military leaders

11th September, 1915


Anglo-French Offensive at Artois-Loos

25th September, 1915


Allied troops land at Salonika

5th October, 1915


Edith Cavell executed

12th October, 1915


Sir Douglas Haig, new BEF commander

19th December, 1915


Britain introduces conscription

2nd February, 1916


German Verdun Offensive

21st February, 1916


Germany declares war on Portugal

9th March, 1916


Battle of Jutland

31st May, 1916


Russian Brusilov Offensive

4th June, 1916


Lord Kitchener killed at sea

5th June, 1916


British Troops attack on The Somme



Start of Anglo-French Somme Offensive

1st July, 1916


Italian Gorizia Offensive

9th August, 1916


Hindenburg becomes German Chief of Staff

29th August, 1916


First use of British tanks at Flers-Courcelette

15th September, 1916


French recapture Douaumont Fort at Verdun

24th October, 1916


Somme Offensive ends

18th November, 1916


Beatty replaces Jellicoe as C-in-C of Grand Fleet

29th November, 1916


Lloyd George becomes British Prime Minister

6th December, 1916


Nivelle becomes French Western Front C-in-C

12th December, 1916


Zimmermann Telegram intercepted by Britain

19th January, 1917


Battle of Gaza begins

26th March, 1917


United States declares war on Germany

6th April, 1917


Start of Nivelle Offensive

9th April, 1917


Start of Arras offensive

9th April, 1917


Canadian Army captures Vimy Ridge

12th April, 1917


2nd Battle of the Aisne begins

16th April, 1917


French tanks used for the first time in battle

17th April, 1917


Petain becomes French Western Front C-in-C

15th May, 1917


Maria Bochkareva forms the Women's Battalion

16th May, 1917


John Pershing given command of AEF

19th May, 1917


British attack at Messines

7th June, 1917


United States troops arrive in France

25th June, 1917


Greece declares war on the Central Powers

29th June, 1917


King George V changes name to Windsor

17th July, 1917


British Offensive at Passchendaele

12th October, 1917


Italian Caproretto Offensive

24th October, 1917


Sir Frederick Maude dies in Mesopotamia

18th November, 1917


Massed tank attack at Cambrai

20th November, 1917


Bolshevik government disbands Women's Battalion

21st November, 1917


Wilson announces 14 Points Peace Programme

8th January, 1918


Start of German Spring Offensive

21st March, 1918


Foch appointed Allied Co-ordinator in France

29th March, 1918


3rd Battle of the Aisne begins

27th May, 1918


Battle of Le Hamel

4th July, 1918


2nd Battle of the Marne

15th July, 1918


German retreat at the Marne

20th July, 1918


Amiens Offensive

8th August, 1918


Allied breakthrough at Albert

21st August, 1918


United States St Mihiel Offensive

12th September, 1918


Meuse-Argonne Offensive begins

26th September, 1918


Canal du Nord Offensive

27th September, 1918


Max von Baden appointed Chancellor of Germany

3rd October, 1918


Allied forces capture the Hindenburg Line

5th October, 1918


Italian Vittorio Veneto Offensive

23rd October, 1918


Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany abdicates

9th November, 1918



11th November, 1918


Lloyd George wins British General Election

14th December, 1918


Paris Peace Conference

12th January, 1919


Treaty of Versailles signed

28th June, 1919





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