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Theosophy and the Great War


St George for England – and Why


Annie Besant


First Published March 4th 1915


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Writings of Annie Besant



AN English friend sends the following story, told by a man who was present in the trenches at the time. Under the tremendous strain of battle, men's eyes are sometimes opened, as in earlier days, when such tales were told. The Roman saw Castor and Pollux on their  white horses battling for Rome; the Greek saw Hermes, the messenger; the Christian, the oriflamme In hoc signo vinces; the Hebrew, the angel of the Lord. And so our soldiers. Under similar conditions, similar visions are seen.


Here is the story:


"A small force of British were in trenches and saw approaching them a tremendous number of Germans; they thought: 'Hullo, we can just make a last stand, but we can't possibly keep them at bay'. One of the British sat back and suddenly thought of a restaurant in London where he had been - and he thought he saw over it the figure of St George, and he kept saying to himself: 'St George for England, St George for England', over and over again, and couldn't get away from it. Presently he looked up, and saw that although the British were not firing, the Germans were falling in every direction. Another man, happening to look at the thinker, saw above him the figure of St George, and all around were figures in green, throwing something - he did not know what - at the Germans, who were falling fast. The British were able to beat the Germans back because of this other help. Afterwards the Germans told them they had been using something (I can't remember what it is called) that kills without making any mark. The British said they hadn't; but went to look at the German dead, and found crowds of dead with no mark of wounds anywhere."


In this tremendous struggle, good and evil are ranged against each other, Shri Ramachandra against Ravana, and the progress of the world depends upon the triumph of those who are battling for treaty faith and inter­national law against the brute reign of force.  The Devas of the nations ever guide the destinies of nations - Origen's account of this, as part of the work of angels, is at once interesting and true; and, as they ever sub­serve the divine Will, they work for evolution, and work against the retarding forces when they grow strong enough to imperil the up­ward progress of humanity. - March 4., 1915.




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Writings of Annie Besant



Cardiff Theosophical Society

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