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Early Years


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There is evidence that individual members of the Theosophical Society and various Theosophical groups existed in Wales long before the formation of any official organization. In the early years Wales formed part of the British Theosophical Section which later became the Theosophical Society in England and Wales. A Welsh Section was formed in 1921 and the purchase of a permanent headquarters for Wales in Cardiff in 1926 established the Theosophical Society in Wales as an entity in its own right.


Colonel Olcott mentions in Old Diary Leaves that he lectured in Wales at Merthyr and Tenby at the end of the 19th century. The lectures were arranged by Mr Morgan Edward Thomas whose Diploma of membership of the British section was issued August 21st 1889 and signed by H P Blavatsky.


To form a Lodge of the Theosophical Society has always required a minimum of seven paid up members and for certain officials to be in place. A charter is then granted by headquarters in Adyar. A reference has been found to a Mr Maya Haio who became a member of Penarth Lodge on June 17th 1891. A further reference has been found in which Miss E Marsden became a member of Cardiff Lodge on March 6th 1894 and a Blavatsky Lodge is mentioned in Cardiff around the same time. These Lodges almost certainly existed but were self styled Lodges and not chartered officially within the Adyar organization although probably formed by paid up Society members.


A Lodge of the Point Loma based Theosophical Society is known to have been in existence and flourishing in 1899. This Lodge is well documented and continued in Cardiff until around 1940. The Point Loma based Theosophical Society led by Katherine Tingley split with Adyar in 1898 with the Adyar based Theosophical Society continuing under the leadership of Annie Besant. The two organizations still continue separately but have co-operated for many years.


Cardiff Lodge obtained its Charter from Adyar on June 10th 1911, Newport Lodge on June 7th 1913 and Penarth Lodge followed on January 17th 1917.

In the North, Colwyn Bay received their Charter on March 1st 1919.



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